The Red Road

Taylor Bull

Many of these songs are stories of my past. I've had a colorful journey and have worn many different hats. I looked back on my life as I wrote this album and wrote the songs from the memories and the feelings they bring up.

I woke up one day and decided this is what I am going to do.

This is me doing it.

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The Bullpen

Welcome to my musical journey! 

I am 100% independent and really just figuring things out as I go. My debut single is being released on January 8, 2023 (tomorrow!). But it should be available after midnight tonight!



Song List

The Red Road

  • Ups And Downs
  • Apollo-gize
  • Devil's Glance
  • Gone
  • Stray Bullets
  • 100 Miles
  • River of Steel
  • Prince of the Prairies
  • Lifetime
  • Soul4Sale
  • Wise Man


  • Old Alone
  • Little Old Me